AboutUs/ Welcome

We heartily wish to give you a warm welcome to the I-Shou International School and to our website. Through the website, we hope to inform you of messages as well as some examples of what students and teachers achieve together here. In our school every teacher is trying to encourage and educate our students to be excellent, or furthermore to form the habit of elegancy.

Our school is truly magnificent, elegant, resourceful, and international in its outlook, staff, resource and curriculum. The learning in the school is engaging, significant and happy.

The aim of programs of our school is to develop our students to be knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, balanced and caring. Our teachers are really international; they come from many nationalities, speaking several mother tongues. We are a bilingual school; we hold beliefs that the mainstream languages in the near future should be Chinese and English. There is no reason to give up the opportunities to learn Chinese in order to learn English well. We truly offer an authentic bilingual world. We can help you find the balance when your children are developing quickly at these critical fast-growing periods. In this multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment, with both English and Chinese as the languages of instruction, no culture dominates and we are enriched by diversity.

The I-Shou International School has an excellent reputation of academic achievement. We offer the International Language Program from grade 1 to grade 9, and the domestic program with structured curriculum of Ministry of Education of Taiwan. Our school is rather well-equipped for the pursuit of the arts and performing arts, as well as for a wide range of athletic and after-school activities. Please refer to our website or call 886-7-6577115 to see or to acquire what we expect from our students and from ourselves.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or assistance.